Sterilisation of eyedrop bottles, ointments and creams. Space-saving autoclave.

Pharmacy autoclave

The CertoClav autoclave has long been a reliable partner in many pharmacies. CertoClav autoclaves have been successfully in use for decades, especially in the sterilisation of occular vials and instruments as well as in the preparation of infusions and ointments. Our excellent service and our high-quality products are the foundation for this long and successful partnership.

Pharmacy service

In coopearation with your pharmacy service provider, we are able to offer you a simple and uncomplicated process of checking your CertoClav autoclave.

If your appliance needs a check-up or has a defect, please contact us and we will organise its collection and testing. The appliance will be put through a complete functional test series in the CertoClav service workshop. Defective and damaged parts will be replaced if necessary, which ensures that you will be able to continue working successfully and safely with your CertoClav autoclaves. After a successful examination, the appliance will be returned directly to your pharmacy, together with its test certificate.

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