Cooperation opportunity: trade-fair appearance

Example of marketing cooperation success 1: trade-fair appearance

  • Design your trade fair stand using the attractive CertoClav materials
  • Roll-ups for CertoClav EL and CertoClav MultiControl serve as eyecatchers
  • The video screen and CertoClav videos can be used for detailed information without taking up your employees' time
  • Individually published trade fair brochures adapted to your company are given to the customer and also act as advertisements for you yourself
  • The autoclave can be demonstrated to interested customers using our demonstration devices
  • The CertoSupport Hotline is available during the time of preparation for your trade-fair appearance

Individual brochures for all purposes

Example of marketing cooperation success 2: individual brochures

  • Our brochures are adapted to your requirements
  • We design and produce. This keeps your costs to a minimum
  • The first stage: your logo is inserted in the brochure PDF. For simple electronic shipment
  • Or some possible further stages:
  • Brochures adapted to target groups, for example breweries, pharmacies
  • Specially-made invoice flyers
  • Articles designed to match your newsletters. Specify the dimensions for us and we will produce appropriate sections
  • The CertoSupport Hotline is available to help produce your individual materials

Example of marketing cooperation success 3: sales staff training

  • Objective: to be able to explain the benefits of CertoClav concisely to the customer
  • The most important arguments are quickly learnt using the CertoClav training video
  • Intensive support required? We would be pleased to come to your sales staff training sessions and present CertoClav
  • (Or ask for the CertoClav sales staff notebook)
  • The CertoSupport Hotline is available for your support

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