The practical culture media preparator

The practical culture media preparator
The practical culture media preparator

Our autoclaves have been used and appreciated in the preparation of culture media for 50 years. Thousands of satisfied users appreciate the culture media preparator for the daily work. The compact size allows for installation directly on the laboratory bench. In no time, even small amounts of culture media are autoclaved.

Advantages of the CertoClav culture media preparator

  • Cost Efficient: from 2.040 EUR excl. VAT
  • Quick: prepare culture media in just 40 minutes
  • Easy to use: simple, proven design
  • Reliable: often in use for 20 years or longer


What functions does the culture media preparator have?

The EL culture media preparator
The  EL culture media preparator

The culture media preparator model EL

The basic model EL controls the temperature in the culture media autoclave using a precision valve. Additionally exactly 100 ° C can be reached for the optimal dissolution of powdered culture media bases.

2 versions with different autoclave temperatures

There are 2 versions of the EL culture media preparator.

  • With a valve for 121 ° C and 138 ° C. The higher temperature also allows sterilization of prions
  • With a valve for 115 ° C and 121 ° C. The lower temperature allows treatment of temperature-sensitive culture media

The autoclaving time is controlled manually in the basic media preparator unit EL. The CertoClav EL culture media autoclave with a starting price of 2.040 EUR plus VAT is one of the cheapest and most reliable media preparators in the market.

Additionally the CertoClav EL culture media preparator can be used as a full-fledged laboratory autoclave.

The culture media preparator model Multicontrol

The CertoClav MultiControl culture media preparator allows a fully automatic process control of the culture media preparation and has a separate fault monitoring.

Thanks to the electronic control the unit can be programmed at any temperature sequence. For example at 100 ° C the agar is dissolved, then at 121 ° C the culture media can be autoclaved and following that the culture medium can be kept warm at 80 ° C until it is poured.

Additionally the CertoClav MultiControl culture media preparator can be used as a full-fledged laboratory autoclave.

How are culture media / agar autoclaved and sterilized?

Here is a short guide on how culture media / agar are autoclaved.

1. The powdered agar is mixed with water in an Erlenmeyer flask. Please observ the instructions of the agar manufacturer. Herein it is stirred / pivoted until it is almost completely dissolved. For a complete dissolution, it is sometimes useful to heat it to 100 ° C (as explained in the next step).

2.The flask is then placed in the CertoClav culture media preparator. In the case of multiple flasks it is practical to use the optional wire basket.

3. The CertoClav culture media preparator is turned on and please wait until the water is boiling. The flask may alternatively be put in when the water is already hot. (In this case it is recommended to wear protection against the heat of the steam).

4. The lid is then placed on the unit with the steam release valve opened. Herewith 100 ° C are produced inside . (The result will vary depending on ambient air pressure). At this temperature you let the culture medium steep for 10 minutes. Herewith a complete dissolution of the powder is effected. Before autoclaving it again, please check that the fluid is completely clear by removing and examining the flask.

5. If the culture medium is clear, the CertoClav culture media preparator is closed and the steam release valve is locked. The temperature is now rising to the set value, eg 121 ° C. At this temperature the sterilization time is allowed to elapse, for example 15 min (at 121 ° C). After that the culture medium is sterile.

6.The unit can now be turned off. Thereby it cools. Opening the steam release valve accelerates the cooling. Once the culture media preparator is depressurized it may be opened and the sterile culture medium can be taken out. Have pressure-tight containers been used for the culture medium, the temperature must be lowered without opening the valve, and waiting until it reaches 80 ° C is necessary. Otherwise there is a risk of the container bursting.

Another tip: Usually the Erlenmeyer flask is covered with aluminum foil to avoid re-contamination when taken out.

Practical - the autoclave fits directly on the laboratory bench

No more long walks for everyday autoclaving again... more

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