Why CertoClav autoclave?

CertoClav - practical every day

Trustworthy quality

  • Well engineered technology thanks to 50 years of experience in autoclave construction

  • Minimum maintenance costs thanks to proven components

  • Production and parts originate completely from Germany and Austria

  • CertoClav autoclaves are often in use for more than 20 years

Call us. The CertoSupport Hotline is there to help you

Autoclave service and maintenance. The whole working life

  • The CertoSupport hotline is available for questions on purchase and application without time limits
  • 20-year spare parts guarantee to ensure long-term satisfaction when using the device
  • A quick and inexpensive repair and maintenance service. Replacement devices can be provided if required

The 4-stage CertoSecure safety system:

Reassuring. The -4-stage CertoSecure safety system

  • Multiple systems: The 4-stage CertoSecure safety system consists of an excess pressure valve, pressure valve, safety cover locking device against opening underpressure and overpressure safety recess.
  • Safe operation: the CertoLock lock closes safely with just one easy step. No need for time-consuming screwing as with other makes.

The convenient electronic safety controls

The overall economical solution

  • While other autoclaves often cost €5000 or more, the CertoClav is available from as little as €1873 (recommended retail price for Germany and Austria)
  •  Low total cost of ownership due to reliable function and minimal maintenance costs
  •  Energy-saving autoclaving, even when treating small quantities

Suitable for my purposes?

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Call us. The CertoSupport Hotline is there to help you

How to autoclave and sterilise

A brief introduction to autoclaving and sterilization ....  more

Brief explanation of sterilisation process

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