An autoclave with almost unlimited application potential

Certoclav MultiControl - a laboratory autoclave with almost unlimited application opportunities.
Save valuable time and use the many opportunities offered by the microprocessor-controlled comfort safety controls. Link programmes and define completely new complex temperature and pressure sequences. The comfort safety controls monitor processes and guarantee error-free sequences.

Applications with controlled temperature and timer sequences.

  • Sterilisation with individual temperature requirements
  • Long-term cycles and temperature ramps for materials testing
  • Melting of samples for spectral analysis
  • Preparation of agar
  • Autoclaving and incubation of culture media in water bath
The practical CertoClav safety controls

Comfort and safety controls features

    • Programmable electronic autoclave
    • Sterilisation with max. 140°C. Proven design since 50 years
    • Aluminum chamber
    • 6 Programs pre-installed
    • Free programmable (from 20°C up to 140°C, 1 minute to 14 days), maximum of 8 time/temperature steps per program
    • Flow evacuation procedure
    • PT 100 sensor
    • Available with 12 or 18 litre volume
    • Max. pressure (rel.): 2.7 bar (39 psi)
    • 220-240Vac, 50Hz, 1900W
    • Certificates: CE

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