CertoSecure. The 4-stage safety system for carefree work

All autoclaves from CertoClav are fitted with the 4-stage CertoSecure safety system which guarantees safe, hazard-free operation.

Safety locking device: Prevents opening under pressure. The exhaust valve remains open and prevents pressure build-up for as long as the device is not properly closed.
Anti-block safety control valve: Opens automatically once the working pressure is exceeded.
Excess pressure valve: If the anti-block safety control valve should fail, the overpressure valve opens at a pressure of 3.6 bar and then closes once operating pressure is reached again. In this case, the ABS control valve should be replaced because it is defective.
Overpressure safety cavity: The safety cavity is located at the edge of the chamber on the left of the pot handle. Once 4.7 bar overpressure has been reached, the gasket is pressed out at the cavity and thus made unusable. If this should happen, please do not operate the device again until you have sent it to an authorised CertoClav partner or directly to CertoClav.

Safety information

Installation site: Select a level, dry surface such as a work surface, table or floor. CertoClav autoclaves may not be used in explosion-hazardous areas.
Initial start-up: Never start the device up without water, components could be damaged. Avoid using de-mineralised water because this damages the vessel material. If only de-mineralised water is available, it should be mixed with 1/3 tap water.
Housing temperature: The housing and cover temperature can exceed 80°C. Please do not touch the hot surfaces. Use the handles provided when operating the device. We recommend the use of safety gloves.
Exhaust valve: Never open the exhaust valve when it is pointing towards someone. There is a danger of burns. Use an exhaust hose (internal Ø 10 mm) so that the hot steam is directed straight into a sink or vessel.
Glass vessels: When heating glass vessels and fluids, do not exhaust the steam from the device immediately at the end of the process and open the device, but first allow glass vessels to cool down to 80°C and liquids to cool down to 70°C. Otherwise there is a hazard of stress cracking or delayed boiling, which would damage the glass vessel.

Devices may only be operated in accordance with the operating manual.

Keep the operating manual at a location which is accessible to all device users.


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