Autoclave in microbiology

The identification of pathogens and germs is at the foreground of the demanding work in a microbiology laboratory. Every day, a large number of experiments are carried out in the laboratory for this purpose. Extremely diverse culture media are produced, containers and fluids need to be autoclaved and contaminated waste needs to be deactivated. The CertoClav autoclave is perfectly equipped for these tasks. The flexible temperature and timer control in addition to its simple operation enable rapid and efficient work in the laboratory.

Using a CertoClav autoclave, you can perform all processing steps on the laboratory bench.

What makes a CertoClav autoclave so valuable for microbiology laboratories?:

  • Reliable, germicidal and microbiological effectiveness
  • Infinitely selectable sterilisation temperature and time
  • Reliable – often in use for more than 20 years
  • Ready to start in three easy steps
  • Almost maintenance-free
  • Simple operation

Microbiological laboratory

“We have four workers in the laboratory and we use CertoClav autoclaves several times a day. We mainly produce culture media for our products and sterilise the containers and vessels which we use for this purpose. The CertoClav is simple to operate and is ready for operation immediately.”