Most frequent questions and answers

By measuring the temperature in a reference vessel using a temperature sensor, the exact temperature of the liquid to be sterilized can be determined and used to control the sterilization process.

CertoClav autoclaves are compact sterilizers with very fast cycle times due to their size and technology.

For drying, solids, such as instruments or empty glassware, are usually placed in a drying cabinet after the sterilisation process. Vacuum pumped autoclaves such as the CertoClav Vacuum Pro series allow the sterilization and rapid drying of solids in a single process. Further handling of the sterilization material is not necessary.

As soon as a piece of equipment is part of a production process, it must be tested for its suitability for use. Laboratories must have their equipment qualified at regular intervals to ensure that autoclaves and other equipment function properly for the application.

CertoClav Sterilizer GmbH provides GMP and GLP compliant documentation for the following processes for all laboratories:

Installation Qualification (IQ)
Operatation Qualification (OQ)

CertoClav Sterilizer GmbH also offers the implementation of IQ/OQ ex works.

For further services regarding FDA, IQ/OQ/PQ CertoClav Sterilizer GmbH cooperates with Ellab GmbH.

Ellab GmbH can offer the following services:
Implementation of IQ/OQ/PQ on site in the laboratory
consulting service
The trained technicians of Ellab GmbH carry out the qualifications and validations on site with high-quality measuring instruments that are traceable to a national standard.

On request, the company can commission a calibration laboratory accredited according to ISO 17025. Ellab GmbH maintains a quality management system according to ISO 9001 in order to prove that it meets the high quality requirements of customers from the fields of science and research, biotechnology, pharmacy, quality control and production.

Depending on the model, we offer printers, basket inserts, drip trays for liquids, drawer inserts as well as label printers and barcode scanners for tracing sterilised goods.

Go to www.certocloud.com in your Internet browser. There you can register as a customer and add your CertoClav products. You can then view all sterilization protocols, view real-time data and remotely control the autoclave.

Liquids in bottles can be sterilized with all autoclaves from CertoClav.

Depending on the model, different types of solids can be sterilized. In our catalogue you will find a detailed overview which applications can be realized with CertoClav autoclaves.