Autoclave for the food industry

With the CertoClav autoclave, you have a device that fulfils all the requirements for successful use in a food laboratory.

CertoClav autoclaves are particularly frequently used in quality control in the manufacture of beverages and dairy products. Resources such as glass flasks, Petri dishes and other objects are easily and quickly sterilised. Activities such as condensing, melting or treatment of culture media are simple and safe to carry out.

Why should you choose a CertoClav autoclave?:

  • Outstanding germicidal and micro-biological effectiveness
  • Infinite selection of sterilisation temperatures and time
  • Reliable and durable
  • Ready to start in three easy steps
  • Almost maintenance-free
  • Portable

Hygiene in the food industry

Instances of contaminated food reaching retail shelves show just how important hygiene in food processing companies is.

For example, cases in which listeria is found in dairy products are given particular publicity.

The purpose of a food laboratory is to guarantee food safety for the final consumer. In this context, the autoclave plays a major role in ensuring optimum hygiene during the daily work in the laboratory.

Why don’t we have larger autoclaves?

“Actually, that’s really easy to explain. I need to use the CertoClav several times a day, and I just haven’t got the time to wait ages until a larger autoclave is ready for operation. Our CertoClav autoclave is ready for operation in just a few simple steps, and that’s really important to me. Even if our autoclave is defective, I can get hold of a replacement device without any problems. For me, that’s really customer service!”