Materials testing

The industry is continually looking for new application areas for materials. The long-term behaviour and service life of materials are therefore extremely important for later production. This is why autoclaves have long been indispensable in both materials testing and quality assurance. With a CertoClav autoclave, you can perform quality tests simply and inexpensively. Conducting standard tests, such as the Pressure Vessel TestGSB AL 631HAST Test or ICP-TM 650 Test, on the laboratory bench is both easy and practical.

What is checked and tested in an autoclave?

Tests which provide information about the following material requirements are carried out in autoclaves:

  • Dimensional stability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Ageing behaviour
  • Pressure resistance
  • Long-term behaviour & service life
  • Coating quality

The right materials testing equipment

With a CertoClav MultiControl autoclave, you have the facility to carry out a wide range of material tests. You can freely define the programs using the electronic control system. Complex sequences and long-term cycles of 6 seconds up to 1 week are simple to implement. Temperature curves from room temperature up to 140°C can be set. CertoClav devices are ready for operation in just a few moments and are also flexibly and universally usable thanks to their compact size.

Industrial test laboratories swear by this reliable device

“We are manufactures of control valves, and have been successfully working with the CertoClav MultiControl for many years. Many of our customers have specific requirements on the durability and corrosion resistance of our products. Once they have been fitted, it is only possible to replace such parts at considerable cost. These are costs which our customers would gladly do without. For this reason, it is important for us to have precise knowledge of the constitution and properties of our products so we can meet the desired requirements as best as possible.”