Training and research

CertoClav autoclaves have been used successfully in all areas of training for more than 25 years. Universities and research institutes across the whole of Europe have opted for this robust device. In the training and educational sector, the availability of a user-friendly and maintenance-free device is particularly important. Their universal application range makes the CertoClav autoclaves indispensable in teaching labs. Whether you need to clean materials, sterilise instruments and waste or treat culture mediums – all these tasks can be carried out quickly and simply using CertoClav autoclaves.

What makes a CertoClav autoclave so indispensable?

  • Also suitable for small quantities
  • Almost maintenance-free
  • Simple operation
  • Ready to start in three easy steps
  • Universally usable
  • Portable
  • No additional water connection required

Educational institutes use the device daily

“We have eight CertoClav autoclaves in our teaching lab, and these have been used several times a day for years. At the time, I decided to buy CertoClav because I was looking for equipment which was quickly ready for operation, universally usable and simple to operate. For many of my students it is their first time of working with autoclaves. I’m always delighted to see how quickly they can work independently with this device and conduct out successful experiments. I’m very satisfied with my choice.”